Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Getting Through the Holidays in Style!

The Holidays can be a stressful time for even the most poised put together young woman. The weather turns from crisp autumn to freezing winter in what seems like a blink of an eye. Heavy winter coats come out to cover up those cute festive sweaters and dresses. Family negotiates where the festivities will take place and who gets to bring the alcohol or cook the all important apple pie. The last thing any of us young women need to worry about amongst all the hustle and bustle of the holidays is what we are going to wear. The outfits need to be sophisticated and cool as well as functional comfortable enough to get through the next month. So I have a few staples that will get everyone through this time feeling fashionable and fabulous. 

The first item everyone needs this Fall/ Winter is an Aztec patterned knit. Whether it's an oversized cardigan, a pair of knit leggings or a simple accent scarf, you can't go wrong in Aztec this season.   

 This oversized cardigan is perfect for a cozy dinner with the family. You can dress it up with some jewelry and black flats or dress is down with some flat boots and a scarf. All of these pieces look great together and can be mixed and matched throughout the winter months to make outfit planning much easier. This look is well put together and shows off great color without being over the top.

Our next Holiday staple is of course a festive sweater. Now before you skip over this you should know that I have been invited to my fair share of "ugly holiday sweater" parties and know what kind of kitschy mess a holiday sweater can be when done in the wrong way with the wrong pieces. I by no means am allowing anyone to go into their mothers closet and pull out anything with Santa or a snowman on it and absolutely no flashing anything. Got it? The festive sweater can be done in the perfect way when it is classic and simple without any of those obnoxious decals. 

This is what I mean by a classic festive sweater. It has a simple, easy geometric pattern that brings enough holiday cheer to the outfit without making your friends and family run for the hills. 

This holiday cardigan can be paired with just about anything, but I like the idea of adding in a few more great fashion statements to this outfit. The fold over boots are one of my favorite Fall fashions this year and work wonderfully for those of us in colder areas during the winter. Also adding in a bit of royal blue adds some fun color and brings out the blue in the lining of the boots. 

The last piece I'll talk about for today is a dress. This may seem like an obvious dressy holiday go to, but when put together well, it can get you through any holiday, work or fun function you may have on your calendar this season!

 This shirt dress is paired with some simple leggings and adorable boots. I love the bright color of the dress and the scarf because it brings so much light to some dull winter skin.

This outfit can also be used many different ways by adding heels or changing up the accessories. Having boots and and umbrella in the winter is also a good idea since you never know when the weather will turn on you! And since you should have these functional items, why not have them help your outfit and make a great statement?

So when you're searching for that perfect holiday outfit, just remember the these staples and you'll be just fine! 

Happy Holidays!