Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fall 2013 Trend Report: Art Gallery Prints

Mixing prints is huge this year, you can't turn a corner in any city without seeing a great print. However, there are even more stunning looks on the way for next Fall. These prints are worthy of an art gallery and are reminiscent of beautiful paintings and sculptures. Each of these prints are stunning and I anticipate that the quality level of fashion prints is going to require an even more artistic eye than ever before.

This geometric print keeps the eye interested and moving all over the ensemble. The silhouette of the top is perfect for this bold print and brings back a bit of a 60's feel.

These pants are among my favorite prints. The birds are beautiful and the black stripes give the pants an even more artful appeal. The delicate foliage and birds contrast with the black lines perfectly.

Who doesn't love a printed maxi skirt? I want this print hung in my apartment as well as worn with a cropped sweater and wedges. 

The green and blue geometric print over black brings out the beautiful colors and makes the shapes really stand out. This jacket is draped beautifully and complemented by an amazing pattern. 

I love this sweater. The car knitted pattern is adorable and has an air of whimsy that is so often lost in high fashion. 

This outfit combines texture and print in a fabulous way. The printed pant is eye catching by itself and when the top is added, it's sure to make you stop and stare.

This very 60's pattern has a wonderful updated feel that makes it perfect for Fall 2013. It's crisp and brilliant in it's color and shape.

Another look at the styles of the 1950's coming back in an even better way. This floral print is simple and classic but given a beautiful update in the detailing of the flowers. 

This flower should be a painting. It is stunning red against black and the blue center brings it all together. I can't get over the fabulous cut of the jacket and the picture perfect print. 

This outfit has such an ease to it that you almost miss the amazing detailing in the pattern. Wearing an all over pattern can be daunting sometimes, but seen this way it's hard to not want to re-create that in my own wardrobe. The colors are beautiful and the intricate detail makes this a can't miss outfit \.

These patterns could be a little harder to pull off because unless done right, you might end up looking like a tourist. So take a note from these fashionistas and find interesting prints that can be complimented by colors is more classic fashionable pieces like a cardigan or pleated chiffon skirt.

This last print is another one of my favorites for it's ease and unwavering beauty. The shirt dress is a staple piece in any woman's wardrobe but this pattern brings it to a whole new level. The colors give it a fantastic brightness and the pattern is so perfectly detailed to fit this color scheme. 

Prints are always in style as long as you know how to wear them well and if you think a print is a little too bold for you, try a small item like a hand bag or scarf to update your look without wearing head to toe florals. These prints are perfect for all year round and you can even start wearing some of the lighter colors in spring and summer to be ahead of the curve with these picture perfect prints!

Fall/ Winter 2013 Trend Report: Quilting

This is not your grandmothers quilt! Quilted stitching on hand bags is nothing new to the fashion world, in fact Chanel has made it a staple piece. However, these new ways of wearing quilted fashion are bringing those timeless stitches into leather, sweaters, dresses and scarfs that give this classic stitch a whole new life in this modern fashion world.

This crop sweatshirt adds a quilted texture to the fashion forward silhouette. Mixed with some decal-ed shorts makes this outfit a perfect example of a fashion leader.  

A less severe version of the quilted look comes in with the stitching of the sleeves on this leather jacket. It's a smaller amount of stitching but still has the same interest factor as an all over piece. 

This dress is one of my favorites. It's so perfect with the patchwork quilting. I can't wait to see more and more of this style brought into collections for next Fall.

I have an obsession with scarfs and always love when they get an updated look that makes them a perfect statement piece. A scarf is a wonderful way to add in a new trend to anyone's wardrobe whether it be a new color or this great quilted stitch. 

 These quilt stitch jackets show a really easy way to add this trend into your wardrobe during the winter. The jackets are cozy and comfortable as well as fashion forward and can be easily dressed up or down.

This last jacket is a stunner. The silhouette is gorgeous and so perfect for the dramatic cuts designers are bringing into collections this year. It also adds in the quilted and patchwork trend in a very subdued but still interesting way. The colors make it a little more muted but the details bring the eye straight to the individual patches. 

Quilted style can be as easy as grabbing a new scarf or as dramatic as an all over patchwork quilted dress that's sure to draw attention. This trend is practical and can be as cozy as cuddling up in your grandmas quilt on a cold winter day- while still feeling like a trendy fashionable vixen of course! 

Fall 2013 Trend Repot: Texture

 Fall 2013 is sure to be filled with texture from head to toe! Whether it's painstakingly hand sewn sequins and beads or just a little bit of cinched leather accent on a skirt, fun new textures are everywhere. The sewn on decals add a new effect that flat prints simply cannot convey. With movies these days starting to be exclusively 3-D and the availability of 3-D TV's at home, it only makes sense that the same feel would bleed into the fashion world. These new textures add that special something that can easily make a simple garment unforgettable.

These pants are a wonderful example of sewn on decals adding a 3-D print to a fairly simple pant. The pattern is reminiscent of the 60's but still feels brand new with the added texture. 

Adding texture to an ensemble can be as simple as attaching a knit pocket to a flat fabric skirt. Texture doesn't have to overwhelm the entire outfit to make it an unforgettable look. 

Here is another great way to add just a little bit of extra texture to a simple sweater. These detailed knit flowers are beautiful addition an add more pattern play when mixed with the striped pants and patterned hand bag. 

I love felting for Fall 13! It's a really cool way to add whatever you want to a sweater or jacket. Felting a brand name to a sweater is becoming a big trend for the upcoming Fall season. This can also be a great way to update old sweaters you have laying around by felting in your own designs or even cute elbow patches. 


Textured heels are so fun and bring life to some older styles. Adding the gold textured heel gives this black pump and added edge.

These heels would be amazing just with the color blocking for Fall 12 but the added studs on the think heel make it a hot ticket for next Fall and I'm sure we'll see more of this soon!

And embossed look is another way to add that touch of texture to a leather jacket. These embossed tiger stripes are beautiful and bring so much life to an already fantastic outfit. 

Here is another smaller example of sewn on decals. The great thing about the sewn on additions is that you can really have as much or as little as you want. This is a bit more toned down than the entire pant but still has that cool feel to it. 

I always love a good royal blue and this coat is stunning. The blue embossed pattern over the black is gorgeous and brings me back to an earlier post about the 1950's feel coming back into fashion. This pattern gives off the same 50's vibe as Saab's collection in a more everyday way. 

Fabric manipulation has been a big trend lately and this shows just one of the many ways a designer can change the entire look and feel of a fabric into anything they want. This texture is particularly wonderful because of how much work and detail goes into a garment like this. Absolutely stunning. 

This corset like detail adds texture in a way that shapes the body as color blocking and strategic seams would. This is done in a less extreme way than a lot of tailoring but still adds the same body contouring effect with the pieces. 

This collar shows a smaller way to add texture without overwhelming a fabulous coat. This textured collar bring the attention to the face without taking away from the beautifully tailored coat. 

This leather on the bottom of the skirt gives it so much trend appeal. I love the hard and soft mix of the leather and the ruching. This is another smaller way to add some texture that gives an outfit just the right amount of attention.

Elie Saab is one of my favorite designers for this reason: detail. 

All of these dresses have the amazing texture that he is known for. Each bead adds to a beautiful pattern unlike any other. 

So whether you want all over hand sewn beading or DIY felting, adding texture to your Fall 13 wardrobe is a must.