Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fall/ Winter 2013 Trend Report: Quilting

This is not your grandmothers quilt! Quilted stitching on hand bags is nothing new to the fashion world, in fact Chanel has made it a staple piece. However, these new ways of wearing quilted fashion are bringing those timeless stitches into leather, sweaters, dresses and scarfs that give this classic stitch a whole new life in this modern fashion world.

This crop sweatshirt adds a quilted texture to the fashion forward silhouette. Mixed with some decal-ed shorts makes this outfit a perfect example of a fashion leader.  

A less severe version of the quilted look comes in with the stitching of the sleeves on this leather jacket. It's a smaller amount of stitching but still has the same interest factor as an all over piece. 

This dress is one of my favorites. It's so perfect with the patchwork quilting. I can't wait to see more and more of this style brought into collections for next Fall.

I have an obsession with scarfs and always love when they get an updated look that makes them a perfect statement piece. A scarf is a wonderful way to add in a new trend to anyone's wardrobe whether it be a new color or this great quilted stitch. 

 These quilt stitch jackets show a really easy way to add this trend into your wardrobe during the winter. The jackets are cozy and comfortable as well as fashion forward and can be easily dressed up or down.

This last jacket is a stunner. The silhouette is gorgeous and so perfect for the dramatic cuts designers are bringing into collections this year. It also adds in the quilted and patchwork trend in a very subdued but still interesting way. The colors make it a little more muted but the details bring the eye straight to the individual patches. 

Quilted style can be as easy as grabbing a new scarf or as dramatic as an all over patchwork quilted dress that's sure to draw attention. This trend is practical and can be as cozy as cuddling up in your grandmas quilt on a cold winter day- while still feeling like a trendy fashionable vixen of course! 

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