Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fall 2013 Trend Report: Faux Modesty

Faux is the big thing these days to give designers the freedom to work with whatever materials they desire without upsetting PETA. From faux fur to faux feathers, faux is the perfect way to create anything and not be deemed offensive. So naturally, the next big thing in faux is faux modesty. 

Faux modesty uses areas of full coverage that are mixed with sheer fabric overlays that give the illusion of showing less skin. This has been seen in many 2013 collections from Templerley London, Alberta Ferretti, Marchesa, Gucci and Naeem Khan.

As with any trend, there are some more extreme versions that show off more skin through the sheer fabrics. 

 This look may be a little tough for the every day woman to pull off. To make this a little easier to wear at work or out on the town without getting stared at, wear a coordinating camisole underneath. 

If you feel like being a little more daring without being completely exposed, try wearing a bandeau top or a fashion bra to show off your style without baring it all. 

This is an easy way to bring this trend into your every day wardrobe. If you've been keeping up with current trends, you probably already have everything you need! Just grab a sheer top and you're halfway there!

Another way to show off this look is in a gorgeous gown. This look has been all over the runways and designers are showing off their styles with these barely there gowns.

These two gowns are from the Spring 2013 collection from Alberta Ferretti. They show off just a little skin under floral appliques. This shows off just a little bit of skin without leaving the models naked on the runway.

Marchesa always creates the most beautiful gowns and this Spring 2013 collection is no different. These two looks show off more skin than the last looks but still have that modest effect with the layers of chiffon on the look on the left and with the floor length chiffon skirt on the right. Neither of these looks are scandalous because the mix of covered and sheer is so strategic that all you see is the beautiful design without being distracted by the skin underneath.  

This is another more extreme way to wear the trend but still has the beautiful runway gown look. The sheer and nude top of the gown show just a hint of the skin underneath. This gown reminds me of the "naked dress" in Sex and the City because of it's body hugging cut and the sheer look that leaves little to the imagination.


Faux modesty is about creating the illusion of a full gown while still showing off a little skin to excite and entice the crowd. This gown does that wonderfully. The image this gives off is of a look that belongs more in the bedroom than the runway but with the sheer appliqued floor length skirt, this look becomes a beautiful work of art that is to be admired on the runway.

Emerald is the color of Fall 2013 and these two gowns show off several of the Fall 2013 upcoming trends. They both do faux modesty well with the sheer cut outs but they also have the texture element that makes them more visually appealing. 

If you're looking at these gowns and thinking where am I ever going to wear this trend? Look no further. Here are a few great ways to wear this trend without looking like you're heading to a gala.

The looks on the right are from Temperley London's Pre-Fall 2013 collection. They show off just a hint of skin in a creative way. The look on the left has a high cut neckline done in chiffon so it shows off the chest. The look on the right is a little more intricate because the black underneath the cream pattern is sheer black chiffon so it can show off a bit of everything almost without anyone noticing. 

The looks on the left are from Gucci Pre-Fall 2013 and show a more fashion forward way to show off a little skin at any event. The lace overlay shows off most of the upper part of the body with only a little coverage. This lace look has a delicate feel to it and is sexy without showing too much. The long sleeves make it look even more modest despite the cut out in the middle of the chest. The chiffon overlay on the second look shows off less skin than the first and still has a delicate and modest feel because of the high neckline and long sleeves. This chiffon look can be worn anywhere to show off this trend while still looking modest.

These last two looks are from Calvin Klein. They show off the least amount of skin but still keep true to the trend. The overlying cuts are modest and cover up most of the body while the mini dresses underneath show off just a touch more.

All of these looks have the modest appeal of past while still showing off some skin to bring it into the future. This trend is a perfect way to bring the past into the present and make it a modern new look. Faux modesty can easily be translated into every day wear with button up blouses or sheer maxi skirts with a mini skirt underneath. Faux modesty is incredibly versatile so play around with it and find a new way to work it into your wardrobe next fall!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fall 2013 Trend Report: Fashionable Feathers

You don't have to be dressing up as the Black Swan this coming to Fall to pull off these fabulous feather looks!

The first fabulously feathered look is a dramatic take on the upcoming trend. 

 This feathered beauty is a masterpiece of fashion and art. The skinny leather pants and textured top are a wonderful compliment to the drama of the feather coat. Having feathers not cover the entire coat takes this piece out of a costume look and into high fashion. There is nothing lacking in this stunning look and that is what makes it so stunning. As an artful piece of high fashion this is a big win in my book. 

However, if you're looking for a simple every day piece, this may not be the right choice for you. This look screams "look at me" and shouts fabulous trend setter from rooftops. So if you want to be the fashion queen walking down the street, this is the look for you. 

For those of you looking to maybe tone it down a little but still have the dramatic effect, the perfect look for you is to add a little feather accent to an already existing look

These show off the best of drama and every day appeal to those fashion leaders and trendsetters looking for the next big thing.

 This first look shows off the same drama with the black feathers but has a little less of the intense look as the leather and feather combination. The classic little black dress underneath the feathered sleeves shows off a more subtle ensemble.

This second look adds in a couple of my favorite upcoming trends- feathers, texture and bringing attention to the shoulders. This simple white dress has beautiful textured detail of it's own but is made even more beautiful with the addition of the feathers on the shoulders. This look has a simple feel to it but still carries that same dramatic appeal with the fabulous shoulder pieces. The white dress and light colored feathers give an almost angelic appeal to this look that will make any one stop and stare.

The last way to wear this trend is much more every day friendly if you're looking for an easy way to add in a little feather love to your wardrobe.

 The feathered mini: a simple way to show off the latest trend without being so dramatic. 

This piece is so versatile in look and texture that it can be dressed up or down and go from day to night easily. 

Adding this piece in is as simple as throwing it on with some tights, a cute t-shirt and a nice blazer or structured 

This example also shows off adding a little texture in a small way to make your outfit pop even more. 

Wearing a sweater with this feather mini can bring the trend into the winter months and the holidays.

Wearing the feather mini with a simple top is also a way to tone down the look if you want to add in this trend but don't want it to stand out too much. 


The darker feathers are another way to make this mini less dramatic and they can blend in well with the already existing pieces of your wardrobe.  

Now that you've seen my top 3 favorite ways to wear feathers next Fall, it's time to get your hands on some of these fabulous feathers!