Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring 2014 Color Trend Alert: Girl on Fire!

It's no surprise that with the latest installment of the Hunger Games trilogy, "Catching Fire" coming into theaters late November that Spring colors would follow suit. Golden yellows and blazing reds are sure to be a hit next Spring in everyone's wardrobe!

 Who wouldn't want these delicious colors in their life!

Color trends are definitely something easy to get into for most women. You can follow so many trends and think "I could never pull that off!" Luckily, color trends are for those of you that don't want to commit to trends like crop tops and tulle skirts but still want to stay current.

New colors are a great way to spice up any wardrobe! You can add them in with scarves, belts, shoes, accessories or even nail polish! For those of you who would rather keep your clothing simple, you can add so many great colors in your life with phone cases, laptop covers and throw pillows. There are too many easy ways to add color trends into your life for you to not take the plunge!

Let's look at some designer's who have added yellow into their lines!


 Alexis Mabille

Giambattista Valli



Giambattista Valli

Now that you've seen some gorgeous designer pieces, let's look at a few ways to add yellow into your look next spring!
Loving the yellow? Grab a simple sundress in this great color and you're good to go!

Unsure of the color for an entire outfit? Grab a pair of yellow flats to pair with your favorite jeans! Yellow can really compliment some complexions- if it compliments your skin tone, get a soft scarf to throw on over a t-shirt!

 For some people, yellow isn't all that flattering. For those of you whose skin tone is not complimented by yellow, you can still rock this trend! Grab a cute yellow clutch to add some color to your ensemble!

Another easy way to add some much needed brightness to your spring outfit is to throw on a yellow button up! You can pair it with a skirt, jeans or even slacks to show off your sense of style while still being comfortable!

Now let's take a look at some beautiful designer pieces that showcase some gorgeous red tones!

Vera Wang




Elie Saab




It's no surprise that the famous Valentino Red was showcased so much but I hope your as in love as I am with some of the other gorgeous pieces! 

Want more reds to spice up your look? Here are some great ways to have a little fire in your look!

The first easy option is to grab a nice red blouse in whatever shade suits your skin tone best! Pair it with a pencil skirt, slacks or even jeans for an easy look.

Red pants! We've all seen and adored the colored skinnies but I am in love with these easy read straight leg pants. They can be cool and casual or sleek and dressed up. 

No one can go wrong with a great red flat! Make sure you get the right shade for you though so you can look effortlessly fabulous!

Another easy way to add red is with a scarf! 
You can get solid red or add a nice floral print

Red pencil skirt! Want to show off how absolutely fabulous you are? Rock a red pencil skirt to show off your fashion sense and some curves!

It won't be hard to find a fabulous little red dress, so why not go grab your favorite cut and shade of red to get you noticed!

Still not so sure about adding so much color to your outfit? Stick to a little red clutch to add in some red without over doing it!

Ready to run out and grab some color yet? If not, you still have until next year to get on board with these amazing colors! If you're as excited as I am about some bright yellow and blood red (a la Dexter) then it's time to get ahead of the fashion game and be a trend setter amongst your peers! 

Enjoy the sunshine or the rain (in a perfect yellow rain coat) this Spring and start getting excited for next years fabulous trends!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring 2014 Trending: Tulle Skirts!

The time has finally come for Spring fashion finds! I know we're all excited to get into some gorgeous prints and colors this Spring but my focus is a little farther in the future...

Spring 2014! I'm so excited to report my first 2014 trend: Tulle Skirts! 

Everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE tulle! If it were socially acceptable, I would probably wear a tutu every day. However, since wearing a tutu in public tends to be frowned upon, I for one am very happy to be able to wear tulle in a more acceptable way :)

This trend so versatile that you can wear to anything and everything! Dress is up with a button up or down with a t-shirt. Make it warmer with a sweater and tights or cooler with a tank top and shorter skirt. You can wear it with flats, heels, boots and even tennis shoes! 

Here are a few of my favorite ways to wear this great trend that will get you so excited about it that you may even start rocking this trend ahead of everyone else! 

First way to wear tulle is to pair is with a cute and casual or cute and classy sweater or jacket!

This shows off how you can dress is up for a fancy evening event with a fuller tulle skirt, pumps and fitted cardigan!

This option is a little more casual with an oversized sweater but still dressed up a bit with some pumps!

Here is a great example of how this trend can be worn fabulously at any age! 

I love a good all white outfit and this one is perfection! 

 Next way to wear tulle is with a t-shirt! It may sound a little too casual, but take a look at these examples and see if I can change your mind!

 Want to get a little rocker in your outfit? Pair it with a band Tee and a pair of converse or rocker boots! You can even add a leather jacket to pump up the volume!

 **Side note on this left outfit option: I am in LOVE with it! 3/4 tee, pink medium length skirt and adorable flats= LOVE! 

Way to wear #3: Crop top! 

This way to wear is so fun for bringing this look into summer! You can wear it with any color tulle and really make it your own with different cuts and colors!

Final way to wear is paired with a fantastic button up!

Make it a little more country with a jean button up!

Give it a little more flare with a neon or printed button up!

 Get a little nerdy with suspenders and a bow-tie!

Or keep it cute and casual with a plaid button up and skinny belt!

Whatever way you choose to wear your tulle skirt next Spring, make sure you have fun doing it! This trend is all about the fun factor so make it your own!

 Enjoy your tulle fashionista!