Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring 2014 Trending: Tulle Skirts!

The time has finally come for Spring fashion finds! I know we're all excited to get into some gorgeous prints and colors this Spring but my focus is a little farther in the future...

Spring 2014! I'm so excited to report my first 2014 trend: Tulle Skirts! 

Everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE tulle! If it were socially acceptable, I would probably wear a tutu every day. However, since wearing a tutu in public tends to be frowned upon, I for one am very happy to be able to wear tulle in a more acceptable way :)

This trend so versatile that you can wear to anything and everything! Dress is up with a button up or down with a t-shirt. Make it warmer with a sweater and tights or cooler with a tank top and shorter skirt. You can wear it with flats, heels, boots and even tennis shoes! 

Here are a few of my favorite ways to wear this great trend that will get you so excited about it that you may even start rocking this trend ahead of everyone else! 

First way to wear tulle is to pair is with a cute and casual or cute and classy sweater or jacket!

This shows off how you can dress is up for a fancy evening event with a fuller tulle skirt, pumps and fitted cardigan!

This option is a little more casual with an oversized sweater but still dressed up a bit with some pumps!

Here is a great example of how this trend can be worn fabulously at any age! 

I love a good all white outfit and this one is perfection! 

 Next way to wear tulle is with a t-shirt! It may sound a little too casual, but take a look at these examples and see if I can change your mind!

 Want to get a little rocker in your outfit? Pair it with a band Tee and a pair of converse or rocker boots! You can even add a leather jacket to pump up the volume!

 **Side note on this left outfit option: I am in LOVE with it! 3/4 tee, pink medium length skirt and adorable flats= LOVE! 

Way to wear #3: Crop top! 

This way to wear is so fun for bringing this look into summer! You can wear it with any color tulle and really make it your own with different cuts and colors!

Final way to wear is paired with a fantastic button up!

Make it a little more country with a jean button up!

Give it a little more flare with a neon or printed button up!

 Get a little nerdy with suspenders and a bow-tie!

Or keep it cute and casual with a plaid button up and skinny belt!

Whatever way you choose to wear your tulle skirt next Spring, make sure you have fun doing it! This trend is all about the fun factor so make it your own!

 Enjoy your tulle fashionista!


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  4. Jean Button Up = Chambray, and do you offer references for where these pics came from?

  5. I love the photo of the white 3/4 sleeve top, pink skirt, and flats. Any idea the brand/designer of the pieces?

  6. I just posted a lookbook featuring tulle skirts on my youtube channel, and posted two of the four looks featured there on my blog! I'm in love with this trend and purchased mine on ebay!

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