Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fashion Show Spotlight: Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Autumn/ Winter 20515-16

It's been 4 short years since the world was first introduced to Giambattista Valli couture and the magic has not stopped since. 

He had me in 2011 with the regal beauty of each piece mixed with a flare for the dramatic...

And he has not disappointed since coming up with new creations that always have that signature Guambattista Valli regal appeal and the innovation that is hard found these days.

I am so excited to share this show with you and while I could not put each image in this post I would like to link you to the Vogue gallery of this stunning show so you can pour over these images yourself. 

From regal beauties to show stopping pattern plays, this show was a non-stop slice of heaven for the fashionista eye.

These regal gowns had the wannabe 1940's movie star in me dying over the color, material & draping. The coral version with the "cool" girl attitude is simple stunning.

These two fun and funky pieces had me falling even more in love with the mixture of patterns, textures & silhouettes to make two masterpieces. Pushing the envelope for "acceptable" style is one of my favorite things about this collection.

I had a very hard time parring down these looks but I've put together several different "trends" from this show that will have you wishing you could play dress up in his studio every day!

#1: The Skirts!

As we all know by now, I am a fan of big skirts- especially anything involving tulle (see Tulle Skirts post)! And even more now I am in love with big maxi skirts that are not only a statement but a piece in which you work your entire day around. These two are so beautifully created and styled in such a unique way that makes them all the more gorgeous. The delicate texture and silhouette of the skirts mixed with the structured tops shot these two looks to the top of my list!

#2 Coordinated Tops & Bottoms:

These two looks had me drooling with all of the amazing details and thought that went into each piece. The look on the left has the most perfect proportions with the long tunic/ dress paired with the long- slightly-flared pants and adding the texture to the bottom of the tunic adds weight in just the right place to make this so appealing. The look on the right has all the same elements going for it and it's pushed to the next level with the crop pant and added texture that goes up to the waist. 

For me, the emerald ensemble has me wanting to have all matching tunics & pants- the elegance and grace of these looks is hard to accomplish with the cut-out material but somehow he makes it happen and I am in love. 

#3 The Dresses!

I can't get over the play on proportions of each of these looks- it's all so fresh and inventive without being overworked or too "out there" for the modern woman. I love the drop-waist in the pink dress paired with the added texture. The black dress has the most gorgeous pattern peeking through in the perfect cut outs in the full skirt and paired with that necklace makes this look perfectly polished. 

Like I said, I. Love. Tulle, Any of it, all of it and everywhere! These are so perfect for my personal aesthetic- floral, tulle & feminine lines make me want to go play dress up all day long! The added floral details paired with the cinched in waist of the second look gives the dramatic look a more pleasing shape to the eye. I would have also love to see this without the cinched waist for an even more dramatic entrance!

This. Is. Everything. Ladylike, dramatic, sexy and everything else you can think of. I adore everything about this- even the gigantic earrings. I also may need to consider getting a dress or skirt like this in my life immediately. 

I loved these looks because they were a little more ready-to-wear with the perfectly prim patterns and the only slightly exaggerated silhouettes. What I love the most about these is how they move with this timeless grace that is hard to put into words. And, can we talk about those matching pants in the look on the right for a minute? I mean, talk about a modern take on a classics silhouette- this is a take on a look we've seen all the "cool" minimalist women wearing- structured tunic with a short cigarette pant and as always with him, I love it!

#4 Play on Proportions!

While these are all fabulous examples of wonderful ways to play with patterns- I don't want us to forget to look at these proportions! While some may say look #1 looks boxy and unflattering- I say it's a work of art- the bulk of the top mixed with the sweet flare of the skirt gives it a much for modern look and feel. The second look at first glance brings to mind the 60's but when you spend some time actually looking at the pieces of the ensemble you see so much more- the cut out shoulder piece paired with the bandage top and high waist skirt all come together in a surprisingly appealing fashion. Last but certainly not least is look number 3- this could throw you with the seemingly out of place chest piece but, to me, the combination of cuts, textures & patterns couldn't be better because it's something that feels so fresh and new to me. And I can't help but be in complete infatuation with that black and lilac skirt- it is amazing. 

#5 Texture, Texture Everywhere!

I know we've already talked about texture in just about every look thus far but I had to share the fringe! I mean, look at those pants- how can you not be dying over the fringe? I also think the top jacket needs to come into my life- so many great details about that- the material, fringe and of course the delicately beautiful embroidery.

Now, you have seen into my heart and my obsession with Giambattista Valli- he is an amazing designer with something new to offer every season and every piece has his signature look and feel even if the silhouette, pattern or style is completely new to his collections.He is a true artist and I adore watching each show because I know I will be surprised and delighted as each look makes it way down the runway.  

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