Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Winter 2015/2016 Trend Spotlight: Over-the-Knee Boots

If you have been on any fashion blogs, follow stylish ladies on Instagram or taken a look around any shoe store this year, you have seen over-the-knee boots taking over! I am obviously completely obsessed with this trend because as this blog suggests, I am addicted to all things trendy! I also love this trend because it speaks to female power and beauty all while emphasizing on of my favorite feature- legs!

A lot of women are already rocking this trend thanks to celebs showing us how it's done with wraps, sweater dresses, layers and skinny jeans...

Even after seeing all of these amazing outfits, it can still be hard to picture yourself stomping down the street in these. Some of you may think they are only for stick skinny super models or that they have the "hooker boots" vibe given the Pretty Woman connection and some of you may just have no idea what you can wear these with that feels like your style. This is why I'm here, to help you get rid of those fears and road blocks to rocking this huge trend.

First, let's tackle that "hooker boots" rumor with a couple of fun facts...

Over-the-knee (OTK) boots started coming into fashion in the 1960's after a Balenciaga and Mancini collaboration with futuristic and chunky styles:

Karl Lagerfeld has also been a big fan of this silhouette as seen in his 1977 collection for Chloe:

After the Chloe collection, OTK boots were popping up seemingly everywhere:

And then, in 1990 the trend took a downward turn into a more overtly sexual look when Pretty Woman came out...

This specific look has been credited with why your mom (and maybe you) have raised an eyebrow at the recent onslaught of these boots.

Given the rich fashion history of these boots, it's hard to see how one movie and a subculture could put such a stigma on what can absolutely be a modest shoe if styled in a modest way. Just because these are generally a sexier silhouette doesn't mean that you can't tone it down. 

Karlee Kloss is a great example of how to wear these in a very modest way:

Flat boots, skinny jeans and a sweater creates a cute look that feels modern and fashionable but also quite modest.

Another way to wear these without making your mom give you a sideways glance at brunch is to pair with a longer dress or skirt:

These lovely ladies are all covered up but still appearing lady-like and fashionable without exposing all of that skin. There are plenty of ways to wear OTK boots with or without a heel that are still modest and don't give off any Pretty Woman vibes.

Now, to dispel the rumor that only stick skinny models can pull off this style...

I see it as a personal challenge whenever anyone tells me that they can't pull of a certain trend. In my opinion, anyone can wear any trend they want so long as they style it to fit their personal look and feel. A lot of women get caught up in styling themselves just like someone they follow on Instagram or their favorite celebrity and end up losing their vibe. If you want to "pull off" a trend, you have to start by slowly incorporating it into outfits you already know and like so that you are 100% authentic in your style and feel good about yourself.

Here are some of my favorite ways curvy ladies have styled their OTK boots:

I am 100% obsessed with how these are styled and the attitude these gorgeous ladies have! You can tell they are feeling themselves and it makes these looks all the more beautiful! When you feel confident in your look it makes everyone else envy your style. 

A couple of tips for styling these boots are to make sure you get a boot with a wider shaft so you're not uncomfortably pulling at them all day and feeling like your legs are being suffocated. Also, wearing with tights can keep your legs warm and add a little more modesty. I definitely recommend wearing these with skirts or dresses to really elongate your legs and add a little heel doesn't hurt either! 

Now that those silly rumors are put to rest, let's talk about how to style these looks in your everyday life! 

While I know we would all like to look and dress like celebrities, sometimes it's just not going to happen. Especially when you work 8-5 in the city and commute home both ways... I'm not trying to wear 4-inch OTK boots running to catch my train... Which is why there are these beautiful things called flat boots!

Not feeling like teetering around town in heels all day? Just don't feel comfortable in heels? Try these flat boot looks:

Yes, I know I just said we can't all look like a celeb... but, come on now... Flat OTK boots, skinny jeans and a loose tee? I think we can all agree this is definitely do-able in our everyday lives! I like this look for more of a casual weekend vibe because it looks effortlessly stylish and doesn't require a lot of styling time. Sub out your usual flat sneakers for OTK boots this weekend and you're ready to go!

Another casual way to wear to school or the office (if you're lucky enough to have a casual office) is to pair with plaid and/ or leather. Again, we're wearing these with skinnies because who doesn't still own a pair?? This time though, we're layering with a perfect plaid flannel and a leather jacket + scarf for a warm winter combo. Another way to wear would be with a tank & leather jacket for a little more dressy vibe!

Living in a little warmer climate or dreaming of Coachella? Try a little floral dress and hat for an easy lady like look. You can also pair with a more fitted dress and vest for an easy work outfit. Length is of course optional as not everyone can pull off the leg baring look so feel free to add a little more length with a dress or skirt to cover up.

This look mixes casual and dressed up with jeans + dressy coat. Underneath if you're feeling like a little less casual, you can wear a nice blouse or blazer. Or, if you need to dress it up more, instead of skinny jeans try leather leggings or black pants.

For those of you who are like me, dreaming of warmer months, let's look at ways to wear with dresses, skirts and shorts!

These looks definitely bare a little more skin and show off those legs you've been working on all winter but given the right proportions, not matter what your personal style, you can still feel comfortable and confident!

For those transition months try a little peek of skin with these looks:

I love pairing heeled OTK boots with sweaters or sweater dresses! Pulling on a fitted skirt and chunky sweater can show off your legs while still being warm and comfy. You can also throw on an easy knit fitted dress and pair with a wrap, blazer or big sweater for another dressy and easy look. Or, if you're feeling extra chic, try mixing a statement mini skirt with a tee or tank and tailored jacket. So many great ways to wear these during transitional months and of course, hem lines are up to your discretion! If you don't feel like baring it all just yet, opt for a midi skirt and tailored jacket or a wrap dress with long sleeves!

For the warmer months ahead get ready for some mini skirts and shorts! These are definitely a little more exposed but they don't have to be! Anywhere you see a short skirt, just sub out a midi and you'll be just fine!

Wearing these with shorts may seem a little out there for a lot of women but trust me, you can pull it off! If you're feeling a bit more daring, go for short jean shorts and a basic over sized tee. If you're trying to make a good impression at the office, opt for a tailored long short with a blouse or tee and jacket. Finding the right proportions with shorts can be tough so go for very short or mid-thigh to make sure you're not cutting off your legs in the wrong places!

Another easy option for the summer months is to throw on a button up tailored shirt dress. This look has an easy cool vibe that every woman wants sometimes and can easily be dressed up with a belted waist and jacket. 

I LOVE seeing mini skirts and OTK boots! You don't have to go for super mini either to make this work, follow the short length rule as well as make sure it's fitted or straight cut and you'll be fine! Pair your skirt with a blouse, tee, jacket, sweater etc. to top off this easy chic look.

I also love dresses with these boots because they are so easy to throw on and yet always look perfectly polished. If you're looking for a casual outfit, opt for the over sized tee and statement boots. Or for a more dressed up version, try an easy A-line or shift dress and minimal accessories. Or, if you're getting ready for a date, try out a breezy floral dress that is airy and feminine. Dresses are a little easier to pair with these boots as well since they work with everything from butt skimming to midi length hem lines.

Last, but certainly not least.... How I wear my OTK boots!

I have a pair of black suede wedge OTK boots that I am in love with. They make me feel so powerful, strong and of course stylish! The way they make me feel when I wear them and the way they make my legs look is really the reason I chose to write about this trend. I can't say enough how a good piece of clothing or pair of shoes can give you more confidence than anything else. Knowing you look good and feeling like you look good are the keys to a confident appearance and attitude.
I tend to wear my boots with skinny jeans this time of year but can't wait to wear them with dresses and skirts once the weather warms up! Here are some of my favorite skinny jean looks!

 The two ways I most often wear these looks is with my boots, Hudson skinny jeans, black tee and black & white plaid shawl or with a blouse tucked in the front to exaggerate my long legs. These are perfect Fall/ Winter staples for me since the shawl is so cozy and cute for cold days and a good blouse is a must in an office, of course!

There are so many ways to wear this trend and with how well it can impact your personal confidence, why not try a pair? At least go try some on and tell me you don't feel like the most powerful chick in the store! I underestimated how cool I would feel wearing them and I am SO glad I ended up buying them because they are perfection! So no matter what your size, style or modesty level there are so many options available to you here and many more around the internet so go get some this weekend! 


  1. http://rebrn.com/re/jane-fonda-in-klute-149838/ Fun fact: Jane Fonda played Bree Daniels, the prostitute in Klute, which was a highly influential film made in 1971. Note the OTK boots; I bet they are the direct inspiration for Julia Roberts' look twenty years later.

    I learned, as I hunted for the picture of Fonda, that the costumes for the film were designed by Ann Roth, who I hadn't heard of before. Roth, it turns out, has designed costumes for some of the strongest on-screen female characters from the sixties to today: Mildred Pierce (the Kate Winslet 2011 miniseries); Working Girl; Nine to Five; Julie & Julia. Designers #forthewin!

    Also, I tried to post this three times but was having Google Account sign in trouble. My apologies if you see this three times, I wasn't trying to spam you!