Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Winter 2017 Trend Alert: Regal Glamour

Today I was inspired by the most fashionable and glamorous woman I know to write about a trend that has been in the making for a few years now and is about to come to fruition. With all of the shows and movies lately featured amazing costumes for royalty and those who want to look like royalty, it comes as no surprise that we're going to see the same silhouettes come into mainstream fashion. 

Of course, my glamorous friend is going to be showing off this trend in a gown but that doesn't mean that you can't wear some toned down versions in everyday life. But, before we look at ready-to-wear, I want to show off some of my favorite looks from the runway!

These are all about high neck lines and capes but, my inspiration for this post came from gowns like these-

Or, more specifically like this gorgeous lady in red...

I am so in love with this trend because of how stunning it makes any woman look. When you look this good, it's hard to not feel good too!

This trend has been emerging for some time on the runway and the red carpet with inspirations from Game of Thrones, Once, Scandal and many more, it's no surprise that we've fallen in love with capes, high necklines, off the shoulder and all things regal.

Now, most people are not going to wander out to work in a full length gown or flowing cape so we have the always put together and chic Olivia Pope to look up to as our regal fashion icon. She always has the perfect outerwear piece to polish off each look and that is one easy way to work this trend in without changing your whole style.

More ways to wear are using the same general silhouette of the runway looks but taking off several feet to make it less runway and more everyday. 

This is the easiest way to feel like Lupita on the red carpet without having to find a place to wear a floor length gown!

Another great way is to channel your Olivia Pope and rock some great outerwear!

Finding little hints of this trend to incorporate into your wardrobe can be a bit daunting since there are so many aspects of this that make up the trend as a whole. The proportions of these silhouettes are what really takes them from basic to breathtaking.

The combination of a cape back with high necklines or off the shoulder tops and dresses is the easiest version to spot because it is so different from the norm. Having the illusion of a cape on a jacket, top or dress can take your look from classic to contemporary with one piece.

Now, you don't have to go too bold with this look....

But rather, add it into your wardrobe in what you already wear. If you wear dresses around the office or out to dinner, try one of these options:

Or, if you prefer to just wear a nice top with a skirt or pants, try these out:


These are both flattering on all body types and can be worked into your daily life much easier than a gown or a true long cape.

Another way to add this trend in is the combination of a high neck line with embellishment. This version is a little harder to spot because it relies heavily on how the look "feels" rather than black and white guidelines. 

Here are a few of my favorite ways to wear this version:

Each of these looks gives off a luxe and regal vibe, some more so than others but that's the beauty of this! As long as you're following the basic guidelines of high neck and light embellishment, you're good to go!

To give you another easy way to wear this, we can look at what to wear right now that you can also find anywhere! This is the most accessible version to find right now because this is the part of the trend that has been coming along for quite some time. It is form fitting dresses with high necklines and sometimes a bold shoulder to give it a little extra oomph!

Think Balmain and Valentino when shopping for these looks and channel that inner socialite when picking out embellishment or pattern/ texture!

However you choose to wear this new trend, you really can't go wrong because it's all about that look/ feel of regal beauty and who doesn't want that?! Now, it's time to go out and try to find some regal inspired pieces that work for you and work into your wardrobe!

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